Nerf N-Strike Nite-Finder EX-3 Written Review

Nerf 61496 N-Strike Nite Finder Blaster
Current packaging

 The Nerf N-Strike Nite-Finder EX-3 is the best Nerf gun for beginners.  This gun was my first, and is what got me into Nerfing.
Gun Type:Single Shot
Ammo Capacity: 3 darts
Ammo compatibility: Suction (Buzzbee/Airzone and Nerf), Whistler, Dart Tag
Range: Up to 35 feet (I'll do a test on this soon.)
Editions: 6 (Blue-Oldest, Gray-Older, Black-Current, Clear-Current, Sonic-Current, White-Out- Upcoming?)
Other features: Has laser beam built in for aim, powered by 2 AA batteries.
This Nerf blaster is perfect for everyone with its simplicity and low cost.  Get your Nerf N-Strike Nite-Finder EX-3 today.

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