A Big Day

Hi everyone,
A few updates here. 
One-When I went to K-Mart on Friday, they were all out of the on-sale blasters, but I picked up a blue Reflex IX-1 and it has incredible ranges stock, maybe 40 feet flat.  Go get one- a review will be coming soon.

Second, my local fair is over, so now my I'm not quite so busy.  Got a bunch of firsts and a couple seconds, the pay out should be about $60.  The check doesn't come until December, though. :-(

That brings me to my third item.  My parents and little sister say that I am quote "addicted" to Nerf blasters.  So, if this blog gets going and I bring in more money for more "content", it may sway their thinking.  So spread the word, and more will be to come.

My fourth thing is the new Gear Up Blasters.  They are now released!  The best place to go now is Walmart, but many stores should have them tomorrow.  Even my local Walmart (Wisconsin) has a Maverick!  (I need a new one, maybe someone will get me there...)  Each comes with a cool orange and black blaster, a code for more Vortex info, some deco darts, and a Vortex disc.

Fifth, the new Vortex guns can be pre-orderd though Walmart.com.  (Don't bother with Toys R Us.) In case you have no clue what they are, they are a whole new line of blasters from Nerf that shoot plastic/foam discs up to 60 feet!  Get them before they go out of stock.

Of course, I'll be here with all the lastest Nerf news as it comes in.