K-Mart Sale and Thanks to Nerf Mods and Reviews

kmart.com is having a sale on some of its older blasters.  Get 'em before they're gone.  Click here for deep Nerf discounts.

I gave this tip to jerm781 over at Nerf Mods and Reviews, my favorite United States Nerf blog, and he featured it in a post. (See it here.) Thanks so much!  I'm a huge fan and being "featured" makes be so excited.

Yesterday I went to Goodwill for some cheap Nerf guns, but they didn't have any.  :(  So then I went to Target, Walmart, and Kohls and couldn't find one thing on sale.  (Target did have some of the new Buzz Bee blasters, though.)  So I left empty-handed.  I'm going to my local K-Mart for some discounts, as stated above.