Buzz Bee Blow Blaster Written Review

Buzz Bee is known for its cheap and unusual foam dart blasters.  Their cheapest one, the Blow Blaster, can be stealthy and pack a small punch.  Is it worth it?  Find out below.

Current Packaging

Pros: Silent but deadly, no cocking
Cons: Can't share, makes weird sound when firing, large for what it needs to be, no modability
In the Box: Blow Blaster, Ammo holder, 6 Buzz Bee Suction Darts


Gun Type: Single Shot
Ammo Capacity: 7 darts
Ammo compatibility: Suction (Buzzbee/Airzone and Nerf), Whistler, Dart Tag, Streamline (can have problems)
Range: Up to 25 feet (I'll do a test on this soon.) Range all depends on user.
Editions: 1
Price:$3- $5
Other features: Ammo holder slides on and holds six darts, you can load up to 7 darts into barrel and make a scatter effect

Overall Rating: For the occational stealth attack, save some money and buy a Blow Blaster.   Buzz Bee's cheap blaster entry is a win.  Using as a back-up is recommended.  Get your Buzz Bee Blow Blaster today!
6.5 darts out of 10.

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