Gear Up/Vortex Code Collection from around the Web

As the Gear Up/Vortex codes  for are starting to get posted around the Internet, I thought
I'd make a nice catalog of codes for others to use.

From Maverick, for info on Proton:
Xc4T9r (from Drac)
From Barricade, for info on Vigilion:
B3pU5e (from Drac)
From Recon, for info on Praxis:
w2p95t (from spirttacks23)
From Raider, for info on Nitron:
md8RK3 (from Drac)

 I'm sure that there are more codes out there, but this is a start If you want to see exclusive Vortex videos, pics, and info, these are the codes.  If you have a code you want to share, tell me in the comments below.  Have fun!

Update: After doing more research, it seems that all the Gear Up codes are the same for each blaster.  Plus, I tried telling people about my list of Vortex codes, but they flaged it as spam.  I just want to help people!  Have a good "Pre-Friday Eve."