Goodbye Summer, Hello School!

As September 1st is just hours away, I'd like you all to know that its been a lot of fun working on this blog this summer.  No, I'm not leaving or discontinuing the blog.  (More readers would be nice, though.)I might get some of my friends to start authoring here, actually.  Its just that with school taking up 90% of my day, the blog won't get as much action as in August. (37 posts?!?)  Content will get posted, but just not as fast.  I'm aiming for 5 posts a week.

Vortex Day, 9/10/111, is quickly approaching.  Nerf's Facebook Page still has the countdown, and I captured a really neat pic of it today.  Can't wait.

Also, this blog has been running since May 30th.  3 months!  I'm planning on doing something for the 100th day.

Happy Nerfing!