JaRu Cyber Strike Rocket Pumper Written Review

JaRu is a little known blaster maker that makes cheap foam toys.  I found this at the dollar store- see what you think about it after the review...

Current Store Box
Pros: CheapCan be modded to shoot darts 50+ feet, looks cool

Cons: Shoots 10 feet stock, needs to be modded to be worth anything, can't buy more giant missiles, sticker peels, air leaks, loud, large

In the Box: Rocket Pumper, 1 Giant Missile

Gun Type:  Single-Shot
Ammo Capacity: 1 missile
Ammo compatibility: Giant Missile
Range: "Far" -10 feet (I'll do a video test on this soon.)
Editions: 1 + different colors
Price: $5
Other features:(NONE)

Overall Rating: JaRu's blaster entries always have been terrible and will continue to be.  The Rocket Pumper shoots 10 feet with the missile included and needs to be modded (guide coming soon) to be worth anything.  Don't buy.  Its not even funny!
4.0 darts of of 10

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