Vortex Site Up plus Recap of Vortex blasters

Nerf now has their official Vortex site up.  (This is not the Gear-Up one.)  Go there to check out some Vortex info.  While there, I found that Hasbro has six Vortex products releasing.  Here's a recap:
Proton- A basic single shot pistol , 3 discs, $10
Vigilion- A multi-shot pistol with internal drop-down magazine, 5 discs, $16
Praxis- A pump action rifle with removable stock and 10-disc removable magazine, 10 discs, $25
Nitron- A full auto blaster with electric scope and  20-disc removable magazine, 20 discs, $40 (plus cost of 6 C batteries and 2 AAA batteries)
Disc and Clips:
Vortex Tech Pack:  An extra 10-disc magazine for the Praxis or Nitron, 10 discs, $8
Vortex Refill Pack: A pack of 10 discs that work in any Vortex blaster, 10 discs, $5

As soon as I can find the Proton, I'll buy it and a refill pack, too.  What Vortex blaster do you want?  Tell me in the comments.  Let's find those guns!