Shopko Will Have the Full Vortex Line

Shopko is a smaller chain retail store with locations around the US.  They do not normally get much Nerf attention, but when I was at my local Shopko I saw every Vortex item have a price tag on the shelf but no boxes.  So, after our "team" got in contact with Jennifer Lemirande, Sr. Buyer II Toys at Shopko, here's what we learned:

1.  Shopko will have all the Vortex products on 9/10/11.
2. The Vortex blasters will be featured in that weeks circulatory.
3. Pricing- Proton and Vigilion, $20; Praxis, $30; Nitron, $55; Refill Pack, $5 
4. When they come out, they should be 20% off (do your own math :-) )
On a side note: Shopko has great costumer service.  They responded to our emails within minutes.

Happy Nerfing!