Walmart Exclusive Series: Whiteout

For many years, different stores have had exclusive Nerf blaster repaints.   Early on, Walmart sold Longshots and Recons in red.  Target used to have the Clear Series with red darts.  Toys R Us has the Sonic Series.  After years of drought, Walmart gets a new exclusive series- Whiteout!

This blaster series (aka repaints) has a white base coat with blue, orange, and gray detailing.  These look very cool and earn a spot in a  collectors collection.

Walmart currently has the Maverick, Longstrike, and Deploy on their website.  The Nitefinder should be coming soon.   Other Nerfers have spotted Whiteout Whistler and Streamline darts at Walmart. 

Thanks Urban Taggers!
Happy Nerfing!