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The "New" Blaster

As Nerf said yesterday, they would be giving info on a NEW blaster today.  They announced something alright, but its not a new blaster.  Nerf talked about Barricade repaint. Its another Transformers skin, this one yellow. (Bumblebee) It was also in a leaked photo.

 Really?  I wanted to see the Dart  Tag gun!   How are everyone else's feelings on this issue?

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"Drum"roll Please

SgNerf, a Nerf blogger in Singapore, has spotted a 18 dart drum being sold in individual packs.  Usually, the only way to get the drum is to buy the Target exclusive Alpha Trooper CS-18.  Jesse, a reader of Urban Taggers, reported that they are already in stock in Idaho.  Its selling for $14.99 in the Kmart there.  Many people have been looking for Nerf to do something like this and now its here.  Will 35 dart drums be next?

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Nerf Vortex when it was featured.

Now that all the hupla is over and Nerf Nation has their Vortex, I'm looking back at some of the ads that I saw in store's flyiers and newsletters.



Many other stores, such as Shopko and Toys R Us had Vortex in their stuff but I never bothered to take a screenshot of it. 
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Bunch of Nerf Videos from Hasbro

Nerf has been releasing more and more videos on Youtube, and here are some in the last week that I haven't had a chance to talk about...

Here's a long version of the Nerf Vortex commercial.  Came out one week ago.

Here some Nerf employees answer some of your questions.  Came out  one week ago.

This video summarizes the Dart Tag World championship which was about a month ago.  Came out yesterday.

And this last video is about the Dart Tag Quick 16, kind of a user's guide.  Came out 2 hours ago.

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A new


Nerf's Facebook page today said that tomorrow at 2pm CST, they will announce a new blaster!  Here's a quote:

"Get those eyelids opened wide, Nation! We'll be posting details on a new, exclusive Nerf blaster tomorrow around 3pm EST right here on the Facebook Wall. Is it Thursday yet?"

Crazy right?  I thought that after Vortex, there would be a long calm before Nerf started with new blasters again.  There are some leaked images on the web, and the most likely one to be reveled tomorrow is this:

This looks like a 10 shot semi-auto Swarmfire of sorts.  Thanks to  Nerf Mods & Reviews for the picture.  I saw this a few days ago and now its all starting to click.

Of course, at this moment it is all speculation, but what to you think?  Will it be a N-Strike, Vortex, Dart Tag, or Super Soaker blaster?  What will it be named?  Isn't this so cool- out of nowhere a blaster will be coming?  Speak your mind below.  When I know, a post…

Here ye, Here ye! What's next?

It's been a WEEK since my last post, and I apologize.  Since the Vortex launch is over, there isn't as much to quick post about.  Only reviews and they take a long time to put together.  I've been too ambitions and can't balance this blog as well as I thought.  Don't worry though, I'll keep it running.

Today I started a new page, The Shopping List, to give you an idea of what blasters I'll be getting.  It'll be typical for 2-3 guns a season, give or take a few, depending on sales and that kind of thing.

I briefly mentioned reviewing up above.  My policy will be any blasters I received after my Speedload 6 will get a video and text review.  Blasters bought before that will be only text.  I only have about 4 guns left in my collection I haven't reviewed, and those should be coming within a month.

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Poll closed.

My Vortex poll that started months ago has now closed.  The results are in.

33% of readers said that they couldn't wait for the Vortex launch! (myself included)
33% of readers said that they would rather stick to just darts.
0% of readers said that they had no clue what Vortex was. (That means I informed you well. :-) )
33% of readers said that they wanted to see/demo with them before buying.

Thanks to anyone who has read my blog and voted in this poll.  Polls will now probably be monthly from here on out.  September's poll is.... look on the right sidebar and vote!

My 100 days contest is STILL open until 12:13 today. (Get it, 9/10/11 at 12:13) I just one person to enter.
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Sorry about my excitement, but I found a Proton.  It was at my local Walmart way out here in the heart of Wisconsin.  Only one more in stock there now. :-)  No refill packs were available... but that can wait until 9/10/11.  My first impressions: FANTASTIC.  These discs glide and go, go, go.  I'm working on a video review right now, should see that up tonight.

Please enter my 100 days contest, its open until Saturday morning!

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Target has Vortex blasters in Store

Target has the Vortex blasters in stock in most stores.  Their Nerf stuff has been down the last few weeks, but this afternoon I was able to see the stock status.  Of course, I would love go go there to pick one up but, the nearest store is 45 miles away.  During the summer that would be fine, but I can't go on a school night.  Just have to wait until Walmart, Kmart, and Shopko have it on Saturday.

Don't forget about my 100 day contest- more details here.

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100 Days of What's That? Nerf

This blog, What's That? Nerf is now 100 days old.  Its took a lot of hard work and some foam to put it all together.  I've posted 9 videos as dougaschu, wrote 48 posts, and tweeted 23 times.  Also, you guys have left 2 comments and 305 pageviews from all around the world!
I wasn't sure if I'd make it this far.  Now I feel as if the blog is finally starting up.  Keep reading and spread word.
So, I've creating a giveaway for your readership.  Its simple: Comment on this post, send me a tweet, or message me on Youtube telling me why you like my blog. On Saturday, yes- Vortex Day, I will draw a winner randomly.  Only one entry per person will be counted.  The prize will be...WAIT, I can't tell you the prize!  It will be fairly small, but remember I don't get paid for this.  Nerf is just a hobby and so is technology.  Put them together and... out comes my blog.  We'll sort out the details with the winner later.
So, go on and get telling me why you like What'…

Nerf Dart Tag Speedload 6 Reviews

Nerf's newest action sport, Dart Tag, reopened in March 2011 with the release of 4 new blasters.  The Speedload 6 is one of them, featuring an internal 6-dart clip, positive ranges, and slam fire.  Its a complete package.
                                                  Pros: Dart Tag clips, use any darts, slam fire

Cons: Heavy, Jamscan shred darts, large priming draw, moderate reload time

In the Box: Speedload 6, Manual, 6 new Dart Tag darts Facts: Gun Type:  Multi-Shot Internal Clip Ammo Capacity: 6 darts
Ammo compatibility: Any type, New Dart Tag darts best
Range: 25-30 feet
Editions: 1
Price:  $10- $15 Other features: Slam-Fire
 Overall Rating: has Vortex and Dart Tag Refills

I've now noticed that has the Vortex refill pack, Vortex 10-disc magazine, and the new Dart Tag darts in 16 and 36 packs.  The Vortex packs say that they can not be found in stock, so you have to go to the store to see if they are there. 

As for that Speedload 6 review in video and text, the written one will be the only one done today.  The video will have to wait until Sunday evening or Monday.

Happy Nerfing!

My Speedload 6 Arrived!

For doing that Nerfmobile thing for my sister, Alainea, she got me a Speedload 6.  It arrived-Thursday- and so I've been playing with it and making reviews.  Running this blog durring the week will be harder than I thought...  I should have those up before I leave this afternoon. 

Vortex is getting closer, next Saturday is the big day.
Happy Nerfing!