100 Days of What's That? Nerf

This blog, What's That? Nerf is now 100 days old.  Its took a lot of hard work and some foam to put it all together.  I've posted 9 videos as dougaschu, wrote 48 posts, and tweeted 23 times.  Also, you guys have left 2 comments and 305 pageviews from all around the world!

I wasn't sure if I'd make it this far.  Now I feel as if the blog is finally starting up.  Keep reading and spread word.

So, I've creating a giveaway for your readership.  Its simple: Comment on this post, send me a tweet, or message me on Youtube telling me why you like my blog. On Saturday, yes- Vortex Day, I will draw a winner randomly.  Only one entry per person will be counted.  The prize will be...WAIT, I can't tell you the prize!  It will be fairly small, but remember I don't get paid for this.  Nerf is just a hobby and so is technology.  Put them together and... out comes my blog.  We'll sort out the details with the winner later.

So, go on and get telling me why you like What's That? Nerf.  Good luck.

Happy Nerfing!