Here ye, Here ye! What's next?

It's been a WEEK since my last post, and I apologize.  Since the Vortex launch is over, there isn't as much to quick post about.  Only reviews and they take a long time to put together.  I've been too ambitions and can't balance this blog as well as I thought.  Don't worry though, I'll keep it running.

Today I started a new page, The Shopping List, to give you an idea of what blasters I'll be getting.  It'll be typical for 2-3 guns a season, give or take a few, depending on sales and that kind of thing.

I briefly mentioned reviewing up above.  My policy will be any blasters I received after my Speedload 6 will get a video and text review.  Blasters bought before that will be only text.  I only have about 4 guns left in my collection I haven't reviewed, and those should be coming within a month.

Happy Nerfing!