Nerf Dart Tag Speedload 6 Reviews

Nerf's newest action sport, Dart Tag, reopened in March 2011 with the release of 4 new blasters.  The Speedload 6 is one of them, featuring an internal 6-dart clip, positive ranges, and slam fire.  Its a complete package.

                                                  Pros: Dart Tag clips, use any darts, slam fire

Cons: Heavy, Jams can shred darts, large priming draw, moderate reload time

In the Box: Speedload 6, Manual, 6 new Dart Tag darts

Gun Type:  Multi-Shot Internal Clip
Ammo Capacity: 6 darts
Ammo compatibility: Any type, New Dart Tag darts best
Range: 25-30 feet
Editions: 1
Price:  $10- $15
Other features: Slam-Fire

Overall Rating: 
8 darts of of 10

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