A new blaster...now?


Nerf's Facebook page today said that tomorrow at 2pm CST, they will announce a new blaster!  Here's a quote:

"Get those eyelids opened wide, Nation! We'll be posting details on a new, exclusive Nerf blaster tomorrow around 3pm EST right here on the Facebook Wall. Is it Thursday yet?"

Crazy right?  I thought that after Vortex, there would be a long calm before Nerf started with new blasters again.  There are some leaked images on the web, and the most likely one to be reveled tomorrow is this:

This looks like a 10 shot semi-auto Swarmfire of sorts.  Thanks to  Nerf Mods & Reviews for the picture.  I saw this a few days ago and now its all starting to click.

Of course, at this moment it is all speculation, but what to you think?  Will it be a N-Strike, Vortex, Dart Tag, or Super Soaker blaster?  What will it be named?  Isn't this so cool- out of nowhere a blaster will be coming?  Speak your mind below.  When I know, a post will be up, right around 4pm CST.

Happy Nerfing!