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Still searching for a Jolt

Hi everyone!
Extremely slow week in Nerf, wow!
I noticed that is now selling Jolt's for $5 plus shipping.  Has anyone in the Midwest (Especially WI) found one of these in stores yet?  I'm so surprised at my findings that I've just about given up....

Happy Nerfing!

Urban Taggers has a Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18!

Urban Taggers got their hands on a Rayven early- no longer is this a rumor!

Head over to their blog for all the stats.

All my info from this post was confirmed!

Happy Nerfing!

Poll closed.

*This poll ran a little long, I know.  I apologize.  Every two weeks there should be a new poll.*This "month's" poll question was...What is your favorite Nerf line?
The results:
N-Strike & Vortex 4 votes each
Dart Tag, N-Force, Vintage 3 votes each
N-Sports, Ball Blasters, Other Lines 2 votes each
I don't like Nerf... 1 vote (What?)
A big thank you to all who voted.  I appreciate your readership and input.
Look on the right sidebar and vote for the 2nd half of October's Nerf poll- Which new blasters are you most likley to buy?
Happy Nerfing!

SGNerf has a Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm!

SgNerf got his hands on a Speedswarm early- no longer is this a rumor!

Go to his blog for all the details!
All our details were right from this post.

Happy Nerfing!

Sonic Series Growing

Nerf announced on their Facebook page the other day a couple of new repaints for the Toys R Us exclusive series, Sonic.  Here's the complete lineup:
Previously Released: Maverick Nite Finder Recon Vulcan Deploy
Just Released: Barrel Break Barricade Longstrike Stampede
 So what do you think?  Is Nerf making to many repaints?  I think so.  They should spend more time on new blasters, not new plastic.
Happy Nerfing!

Available Somewhere: Nerf War Shelters

Nerf Double Blockade, About $30
Link (UK)

Blockade flipped upright.

Nerf Combat Shelter, About $50
Link (UK)

These are offical Nerf battle shelters, right now only available in the UK.  I like how they look but the price is a little high...

Happy Nerfing!

Rumor: Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18

Glow in the dark, clip fed, semi-auto....

Rayven CS-18!

Box Stats:
Uses clip system
Has barrel attachment compatibility
Blaster uses 4 AA batteries 18 dart clip "charges" glow in the dart streamlines with 3 AAA batteries Clip goes behind trigger- I've never seen that before Approximate Price (translated from euros): $60
Of all the rumors so far- I want this one now!  Its so cool.  It looks like a miniature Stampede.  I personally love glow in the dark because I do lights out and nighttime wars.  Could the clip make other clip blasters glow in the dark, too?  Can't wait...

Here's the German forum that had all the leaks...
This ends the rumor string of posts, now on to released somewhere (not USA).

Update: Here's another picture of this blaster- thanks to Urban Taggers.

Happy Nerfing!

Rumor: Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm

Here's one we've seen before-

Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm.

Box Stats:
Full auto
Holds 10 darts
Uses 6 AA batteries
Appoximite price (translated from euros): $45

Here's the post of the blaster leak itself.

Interesting- but kinda ugly in my opinion.

Happy Nerfing!

Rumor: Nerf Super Soaker Lightningstorm

We'll kick off our montage of rumors with this:
Nerf Super Soaker LightningStorm
Box stats: Full Auto
1 liter drum clip (hopfully compatible with Thunderstorm and Tornado Strike) Shoots 25 feet Uses 4 AA batteries Uses "PowerSoak" technology Also comes with shield and stock 
To me, it looks like a Thunderstorm but I'm sure some of this will change.  That drum looks heavy...
Happy Nerfing!
Update: Here's another view...

Rumors and Fact: New Nerf and Air Zone stuff

Hello fellow Nerfers!

Many new blaster concepts and releases have been coming out lately.  The next couple posts will be on some I have not yet featured.

Happy Nerfing!

A New Blaster, for real this time!

Nerf has unexpectedly put a new blaster into Kmart and TRU stores yesterday, the Jolt EX-1.  This is a micro sized  blaster- about the size of the Reflex.  They cost around $4.50-$5.  Ranges are 35-40 feet.  We'll see if I can my hands on one...

Happy Nerfing!