Rumor: Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18

Glow in the dark, clip fed, semi-auto....

Rayven CS-18!

Box Stats:
Uses clip system
Has barrel attachment compatibility
Blaster uses 4 AA batteries
18 dart clip "charges" glow in the dart streamlines with 3 AAA batteries
Clip goes behind trigger- I've never seen that before
Approximate Price (translated from euros): $60

Of all the rumors so far- I want this one now!  Its so cool.  It looks like a miniature Stampede.  I personally love glow in the dark because I do lights out and nighttime wars.  Could the clip make other clip blasters glow in the dark, too?  Can't wait...

This ends the rumor string of posts, now on to released somewhere (not USA).

Update: Here's another picture of this blaster- thanks to Urban Taggers.

Happy Nerfing!