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I think its time...

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and is looking forward to 2012. 

Today I am announcing the discontinument of "What's That? Nerf."  I learned a lot since I started blogging in May.  One fact that has struck me was that I no longer have the time to run a blog that people like you want to read.  School has been very demanding and so something has to get kicked out of my schedule.  I still love Nerf, yet having premier coverage of the toy weapon world is quite difficult.  Support from my friends about Nerf has been diminishing also.  All these factors have lead me to this decision. 

I would have to say Nerf is getting better by the day and I hope that when I'm much older, my children will have as much fun as I did with Nerf.  I need to thank all of you readers- the ones who commented, voted in polls, ect.  You know where to go to find the best of go right ahead.  "What's That?Nerf" is officially closing up shop.


Lets play catch-up! Rumor edition.

I'm "back!"  (I still hope someone reads my blog...)

Here's all the rumored blasters that Urban Taggers has gotten that I haven't talked about yet.  (As confirming the rumors.)

Super Soaker Lightning Storm

Super Soaker Electrostorm

No info about these blasters in stores, yet.  Go ahead and read those- they're well-written- as usual.   

Quite an amount of posts hold you horses.

Happy Nerfing!