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Twitter Scam

Over the weekend, has been scamming user's passwords by way of personal direct messages. The way this is happening is that the user is send a DM from one of their followers saying something such as "Hi some person is making very bad things about you..." then with a link afterwords. This would direct you to a "Twitter" log-in site that would always say "Login Failed" after attempting to log in.  Really, the scammers got your log-in info and can keep scamming away your followers with your account.   On Friday I almost fell for it, but I changed my password just in case.  
My friend Wyatt has a video explaining this:
His Blog:

*Update: It looks like the site has been taken down...*

Stay safe on the Internet today!

Jelly Beans 'a Rolling

Just fresh out from Google, their newest mobile operating system, Android 4.1 Jellybean, is starting to become available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ via OTA update.  The CDMA Galaxy Nexuses, Nexus S, and Motorola Xoom will be getting this update within the next week, most likely.  Plus the Nexus7 will be shipping with 4.1 within the next two weeks.

"Jelly Bean makes everything feel fast, fluid, and smooth. [Project Butter] Notifications are expandable and actionable, widgets are magical and the keyboard is smarter and more accurate:
Jelly Bean also features a redesigned search experience, with a new user interface and faster Voice Search. You can type your query or simply ask Google a question. Google can speak back to you, delivering a precise answer if it knows one, in addition to a list of search results. 

Google Now is also part of the updated Google app, getting you just the right information at just the right time. Google Now tells you t…

Dropping Viacom?

*Today, I'm going to start my at-least daily postings.*

As I got up and went downstairs this morning, my sister (as always) wanted me to sit at the couch and watch  Nick with her for a few minutes.  If you didn't already know, we live in the country and so our TV provider is DirecTV.  As Spongebob was finishing up, two crawls came across the screen.  Both basically stating the same news, but in different perspectives.  The top one, ran by Nick's parent company, Viacom, stated that DirecTV costumers would lose all Viacom networks (26) if they did not call up DirecTV and yell at them.  The bottom one, ran by DirecTV, stated that Viacom was wanting a 30% price increase, and that this was not right.

Return to My Roots

Hey everyone it is Douglas, and this blog that I started in May 2011 and ended in December is coming back!  I have a lot to tell about, including the new URL, name, and content.

If you didn't know, I starting a vlog (video blog) series on Youtube (on my original channel) called DougASchu Vlogs.  Since May, I've been making videos about Nerf, Tech, and three main interest areas.  In late June and early July, my videos became a weekday routine.  They are a lot of fun, but also a LOT of work to make.  It takes about four hours per vlog between researching, filming, editing, and uploading the day's video.  That kind of schedule only works in early summer when I have quite a bit of free time.
As 4-H, soccer, and Student Council, plus preparing for high school, become a full-time ordeal, I knew daily vlogging was no longer an option.  My plan as of Wednesday was to film segments of the video every day, and then compile a three minute video for upload on Saturday. …