Pourqoui Voyage: Day 15

As I was browsing though the FBLA NLC master schedule yesterday, finalizing my plans, I noticed that all the testing events had the word "ONLINE" printed next to them, including mine- Introduction to Business.  I could only assume this means that I will be traveling all the way to California, essentially, to take a multiple choice test on a computer sitting somewhere in the Anaheim Convention Center.  Huh?

It is certainly not my favorite activity to travel.  For me, it is the actual transportation part that bothers me.  For every voyage I've taken, you have to sit there and basically do nothing either on the ground or up in the air six miles and try to relax for one, two, five hours at a time.  You can try to be distracted by technology, or a book, or the world around you-but nothing can take your mind off the topic of "Why am I doing this?"

As much as traveling has been a part of humanity, why do we still have to feel this way?  Or more importantly, why, in this day and age, do I have to go so far to do a task that I could do right at school or at home?  I'm sure it would be possible...but then you miss out on that experience.  It may be painful to start going somewhere, but while there it can be the time of your life.  At this point, I want to opt for the second one.

I apologize that both my stress of traveling and fatigue is showing up in this post very severely, so I will end today by asking you to join me tomorrow morning (Wednesday the 26th) at 11am CST for a Hangout on Google+.  I'm not sure what it will be about, but we'll figure out what to do that is entertaining for a few minutes.  And in 36 hours, my 2013 summer journey will begin.  Talk to you then!