Pwn'd at the Dentist: Day 10

If you watched yesterday's vlog, you would know that I headed to the dentist today.  No cavities, everything was fine.  The problem, though, occurred as I was sitting in the waiting area before leaving.  If you've ever been at a dentist (which I hope you have-eww), you would notice that there is always a radio playing over speakers in the background-quiet enough so that it doesn't bother anyone but loud enough to keep the patients' auditory systems occupied.  This is key to what happened to me today.
I happened to be in between Can Knockdown 3 levels when I heard six lyrics that anyone on the Internet knows well.  I'll just say that they rhymed with "Ever showing moo comparative true sup..."
If you can't figure it out, here's a hint.  Post your guesses in the comments below.

Well, since you make it past the jump break, I'm going to make the assumption that you got the picture.  I was, indeed, Rick Roll'd at the dentist's office.  The picture above doesn't exactly show how I felt, but it shows how "trollish" that event was.
While I have you, I also noticed today that Google revamped the notification shade seen on all Google websites.  It has a bell icon, it loads much faster, and you can mark notifications as read, as well as seeing the source of the notification (community, Blogger, ect.).  It is a nice little upgrade.  I'm hoping to see Gmail, Calender, and YouTube notifications integrated in the future.  That's all I have for tech news today.

I will be livestreaming SimCity tomorrow morning around 11ish AM CST tomorrow if you are interested over at  Exciting stuff, including a possible giveaway, will be discussed. Thanks for reading and talk to you tomorrow.