Twitter "Quote" Accounts and Other Issues: Day 7

*A friendly warning to my readers: I was disappointingly uninspired today, resulting in a rant to be written.  Thank you.*

Today I would like to bring up Twitter's largest annoyances to me.  The first is the so called "quote" accounts.  They tend to post something about comedy, true facts, or tendencies of life.  The few that I do follow are generally pretty good, except in the last month.  I've noticed quite a few regurgitated tweets from themselves just a few days ago, but also there are so many sponsorships!  Half of my stream is filled with "Retweet this in 5 minutes for 10000+ followers" or are a catchy title followed by an unrelated link to  I'm not sure if there is like one person who manages all of the so-called "quote" accounts, because if there is, they need to stop doing so much cross-promotion to accounts like "Girls Life" that I don't care about!  It bothers me that their content looks good one minute and then like an AOL chat room spam page the next.  While I'm addressing these accounts, it is also one of my pet peeves that people talk about a topic that they know nothing about.  I see this all the time on Twitter with those "Facts of Life" accounts.  If you are going to generalize an event into 140 characters, at least give me a source to look at.

My other main annoyance with Twitter, as the site itself, is sharing settings, or the lack thereof.  One of the greatest features of Google Plus (which is a great social platform-even if few people you know use it often) is Circles, where you get to decide exactly whom you want to share a specific post with.  On Twitter, your only options are all-public, or all-protected, only for your followers. This is great, but the issue arrives because you can't do it tweet by tweet!  Your account is stuck on one or if I want to talk about school in one post and Douglas Blogs in another, I cannot because either everyone sees the location of my school, or very few get to discover my new content.  I feel like that should be an easy issue to combat, seeing that even Facebook (which I do not use) has a separation feature.  Maybe Twitter is listening?

By the way, if you do want to follow me on Twitter, do so at  For now, I'll approve you so that you can get the latest updates.  Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow over at for a new Douglas Vlogs.