Last. Print. Issue.: Day 23

Today my August copy of +PCWorld arrived...with a cover saying:
While this is certainly not the first publication to go all digital, it is the first one that I've been subscribed to that is doing it.  This is how my initial experience was.

So I went on and activated my Digital Pass, and attempted to get my subscription for my computer though Zinio.  I typed in my email to activate my subscription...and received an error.  I wasn't too surprised by this just because I figured that tons of people were doing the same thing I was.  The page prompted me to call PCWorld support-but the LINE WAS BUSY!  I have never heard of a support line being busy and not being able to connect at all.  So as I type this...I haven't seen the digital PCWorld yet.  And I really want to.

I would consider myself a fan of digital printing.  With so many mobile devices and computers, why not save the massive amounts of paper and time spend delivering it?  Sure, it is prone to difficulties (like above), but I don't have any attachment to physical print mediums like others might.  We've seen other magazines go all digital, such as Newsweek.  And many papers have.  Almost every major publication by now does have some form of a digital copy.  Heck, even my local newspaper can be bought online. I think we've gotten to the point where most of us could handle getting periodicals online, and all you have to do is ditch the paper.

I'll see you tomorrow on YouTube for a new Douglas Vlogs.  Have a good day!