So Busy: Day 24

As the calendar has now made it into the second half of summer, my activities are starting to pick up again.  Most notably, Driver's Ed started Monday, and I've been having soccer practice twice a week for a couple of weeks.  And, oh yeah, 4-H projects for the county fair next week.  The deadline is kind of catching up to me to complete the 20 projects I signed up for.  So instead of me typing out a whole new post, I'll just share one of my completed projects.

(If the document doesn't render correctly, open this link:

This project outlines my recreation of the village of Stetsonville, located in Wisconsin, in the new version of SimCity.  It is designed to inform the general public about using simulation games to represent real life.

Thanks for reading today and I'll be posting a gaming video tomorrow on YouTube.  See you there!