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Falling Behind, Falling Apart

Hello blog readers-

Douglas Blogs has been a graveyard of activity in the last few weeks, and if you are not following me on my YouTube channel, you have been missing all of my content.  The video above it is a quick recap vlog of my experiences in Nashville at the 2014 Future Business Leaders of America National Leadership Conference at the end of June.  It was a long bus trip but well-worth it to compete in Introduction to Information Technology.  Watch to the end to see how I did.

I don't know what the future of this blog entails, so in the meantime, please follow me on YouTube.  Thanks.

Will there be an Amazon Fire Phone?

Description: I talk about the Amazon Press Event tomorrow, including analyzing the official preview video and making some predictions of my own.  The press event is happening at 12:30 CST on Wednesday, and afterwords I will have a quick summary video.  Also, the second episode of Douglas Broadcasts will be live on YouTube at 8pm CST that evening.

Douglas Tours WAOW in May 2002

Description: Today's video is a blast to the May 4, 2002.  Just days before my sister's birth, my Dad (meteorologist Tony Schumacher) and I gave a video tour of the WAOW studios in Wausau, WI. This video is a part of my home VHS digitization project this summer.  Enjoy...I'll have a new video right here on Monday.

Douglas Broadcasts, Episode 1: Chatterbot

Description: In the inaugural Douglas Broadcasts podcast, recorded live on June 11, 2014, Douglas talks about this week's weather, and discusses with Wyatt, Micheal, and David about this weeks current tech headlines.  Topics included Minecraft, the Magic School Bus, and, yes, chatbots.  Douglas Broadcasts is streamed live every Wednesday at 8pm CST.  Visit for more info.

Douglas Blogs 2014 Schedule

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2014 edition of Douglas Blogs.  The video above is a trailer for some of what has happened and what is to come over on my YouTube Channel.  Anyway- here is the schedule for content creation this summer:

Monday: New vlog on YouTube
Tuesday: New blog post right here on Douglas Blogs
Wednesday: Livestreamed podcast at 8pm CST
Thursday: New blog post
Friday: New vlog

Every weekday from June 9th through August 29th!

In addition, there will be special livestreams on severe weather days and a multitude of live content from the FBLA NLC in Nashville.

Thank you for your continued support of Douglas Blogs and Vlogs.  I'll see you tomorrow for the weekly live podcast at 8pm on YouTube.

Returning Soon and Some Blogging Tips

Welcome back to the 2014 edition of Douglas Blogs.  After about 9 months off, it is finally time to fire up the ol' Blogger for the fourth year.  Speaking of that, here are some tips that I have accumulated using Blogger:

1. Write a blog about something that you have a passion or interest in.  It makes it much easier...and you can always change the topic, as I did back in 2012.
2. Make your blog look sleek yet inviting.   You want a design that is clean and easy to read that still features your pictures and other multimedia.
3. Don't just use your blog....create a comprehensive online profile across many social networks.  I personally like Blogger's built-in Google+ and YouTube integration.
4.  Blogger's URL system isn't that great for readers to remember.  Try creating a shortened link.
5. Stick with it.  As I begin my fourth year blogging, I know that the road ahead could not be as fulfilling as I may want it to be, but that's okay.  A blog is a great way to…