Returning Soon and Some Blogging Tips

Welcome back to the 2014 edition of Douglas Blogs.  After about 9 months off, it is finally time to fire up the ol' Blogger for the fourth year.  Speaking of that, here are some tips that I have accumulated using Blogger:

1. Write a blog about something that you have a passion or interest in.  It makes it much easier...and you can always change the topic, as I did back in 2012.
2. Make your blog look sleek yet inviting.   You want a design that is clean and easy to read that still features your pictures and other multimedia.
3. Don't just use your blog....create a comprehensive online profile across many social networks.  I personally like Blogger's built-in Google+ and YouTube integration.
4.  Blogger's URL system isn't that great for readers to remember.  Try creating a shortened link.
5. Stick with it.  As I begin my fourth year blogging, I know that the road ahead could not be as fulfilling as I may want it to be, but that's okay.  A blog is a great way to look back to the bast.

There will be a ton of new information about this blog this summer posted in a few weeks.  Until then, see you later!